Valve Remanufacturing

Quality Valve Remanufacturing 


In the face of long lead times, and with higher prices for new valves, the option of Valve Repair, and Valve remanufacture is becoming more and more attractive.

Handled properly and skilfully, the option of submitting valves to this process of remanufacturing can be a wise decision indeed. The bottom line however, is that you need to know that a remanufactured valve will give the same level, quality, and longevity of service that a new valve will.

With Valve Services, the quality of process we emply, and the rigorous nature of our testing procedures means that no valve leaves our facility until it is fit and ready for work.

A Range of Services - One Company

Valve Services works with, or has completed projects for clients as diverse and prominent as Conoco Phillips, ESB, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Wyeth Medica, Pfizer, Glaxo SmithKline, Novartis, Glanbia, Dairygold and Carbery.

Working with clients of this calibre means you can't afford to sit still - which is why our progressive attitude to our business means that we use the most up to date equipment, linked with the most modern computerised test rigs available.

And whether you want us on-site, or you prefer to visit our facility yourself, our expertise, and quality of equipment means that from external servicing, we offer our clients the most complete service and support operation in the country.

So whatever industry you're in, and whatever your particular requirements are, Valve Services has the capability you need.