Velan High Pressure Valve

The performance of Velan’s forged pressure seal and bolted bonnet gate, globe and check valves is legendary. These valves are installed in demanding, high pressure/temperature applications around the world for a variety of services, including main steam, reheat, feedwater, catalytic reforming, as well as other tough applications in power, refining, petrochemical, marine and process industries. Our valves feature forged bodies/bonnets (for higher strength and resistance to creep at elevated temperatures) up to 24″ and 4500# class. In addition, Velan pressure seal valves are supplied with live-loaded bonnet take up bolts, which, in combination with standard maintenance procedures, virtually eliminate the potential for gasket leakage. Both of these features are unique to Velan, and demonstrate our continued commitment to innovative, high quality products at competitive prices.

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